Edinburgh’s Malc Parry Selects Lastovicka’s “The End of Tyranny” for Best of Year

Malc Parry - DJAnorak
Malc Parry - DJAnorak

Malc Parry (DJAnorak)

Malc Parry (DJAnorak) hosts Melodic Monday, a spectacular show on Paris’ Radio Kaos Caribou every Monday at 7 pm (GMT). Parry selected Chris Lastovicka’s “The End of Tyranny” for his Best of 2014 show.

Malc Parry is dedicated to finding new ambient, downtempo and electronica music for his mixes. Special thanks to him for including our track.

EyeCatchDreams + dolfijnmetans : YT Channels to Check Out


EyeCatchDreams / dolfijnmetans

Check out the evocative, introspective music at YouTube channels EyeCatchDreams and dolfijnmetans. We’re thrilled Chris Lastovicka’s music from Fortune Has Turned is included in both.

EyeCatchDreams channel:
The End of Tyranny [Chris Lastovicka]:

Eric Bates, violin. Kimberly Tobola, soprano. Robert Garcia, horn. Kenneth Woods, cello. Chris Lastovicka, piano/composer.

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Dr. Veronica Goodchild Reviews
Crossing the Horizon

Veronica Goodchild

by Veronica Goodchild, PhD

Crossing the Horizon: A Journey of Archetypal Significance

Libretto: E. M. Lauricella Music: Chris Lastovicka
the photos and videos accompanying the review were added by Ahari Press, not the reviewer

Crossing the Horizon is an opera that tells the story of one type of alien encounter: repeated abduction by the spindly and dark-eyed Grays. The encounter experience is told from three perspectives that are interwoven in the telling: the actual memories of the event spoken by Clio; current reflections of ego consciousness, Zoë; and Ursula who offers a broader visionary and ‘objective’ understanding. The extraordinary and beautifully crafted music created primarily by voice, piano, and strings, is so eerie, haunting, insistent, hypnotic, and sad that, as listeners, in the end we feel almost as psychically penetrated and violated by the visitors as the woman whose story as a child is portrayed here. The music is also heart-breakingly beautiful at times and reveals an empathic attunement to the possibilities, through enduring grief, anger, and suffering, of a renewal of our earthly life.

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